Enhancing Learners’ Receptive and Productive Skills through Incorporating Cinematic Literature in EFL Classroom: the Case of Master Literature at Djillali Liabès University

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This thesis deals with the topic entitled “Enhancing Learners’ Receptive and Productive Skills through incorporating Cinematic Literature in EFL Classroom: the Case of Master Literature at DJILLALI LIABES University. The desire to carry out this research stems out from reflections on the way English literature is being taught in the Algerian EFL classroom, which is the traditional teacher-centred approach. The researchers aims at investigating the incorporation of cinematic literature in EFL classroom and its effectiveness at enhancing EFL learners’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities (Receptive & Productive skills). The present enquiry follows a mixed method approach. Mainly focusing on the impact of implementing adapted films as a tool for teaching literature, and its benefits on foreign learners, supported by a semi structured online questionnaires for both master one/ two students and the second research instrument is a semi structured recorded interview for the EFL teachers at the level of DJILALI LIABES Faculty of Letters, Languages and Arts, Department of English. The research tools aims to explore the learners’ different point of views, likewise the teachers’ interview to check their responses and build out of it results. This study is established on the year of (2020-2021). And it indicates that the majority of responses are aware of the benefits of cinematic literature on improving learners’ skills, Based on the findings, the researcher recommends using cinematic literature as a technique to enhance an amount of skills for the students as well utilizing adapted films in the English literature teaching process. This study includes suggestions of a lesson plans using film adaptations of novels, short stories or plays — with discussion questions and Assignments for further researches.