Contribution à l'étude du comportement mécanique des plaques composites en utilisant des théories d'ordre élevé avec un nombre réduit de variable

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Résumé (Français et/ou Anglais) : In this work, an efficient and simple quasi-3D hyperbolic shear deformation theory is developed for bending and vibration analyses of functionally graded (FG) plates resting on two-parameter elastic foundation. The significant feature of this theory is that, in addition to including the thickness stretching effect, it deals with only five unknowns as the first order shear deformation theory (FSDT). The foundation is described by the Pasternak (two-parameter) model. The material properties of the plate are assumed to vary continuously in the thickness direction by a simple power law distribution in terms of the volume fractions of the constituents. The equations of motion for thick FG plates are obtained within the Hamilton’s principle. Analytical solutions for the bending and free vibration analysis are obtained for simply supported plates. The numerical results are given in detail and compared with the existing works such as 3-dimensional solutions and those predicted by other plate theories. It can be concluded that the present theory is not only accurate but also simple in predicting the bending and free vibration responses of functionally graded plates resting on elastic foundation. Keywords: bending; free vibration; functionally graded plate; elastic foundation; quasi-3D hyperbolic shear deformation theory.
Doctorat en Sciences